Do You Know What A Private Jet Costs?

Have you ever wished that you could fly off on a holiday in your own private jet? Did you think it was just a pipe dream because it’s out of your budget. Think again. You may be wrong. Consider it your once in a lifetime indulgence. Is it worth the cost of a private jet? Absolutely!

There are two main reasons for you to hire a private jet aircraft. The first is for business and the second is to spoil yourself and your family. Everyone should have at least one lifetime vacation they talk about forever. Taking a holiday to an exotic destination sound good, adding the private jet makes it an experience of a lifetime.

Cost Of A Private Jet

A private jet aircraft can range in cost from as little as $1800 an hour to as much as $5000 an hour. If this cost for a private jet sounds high, consider that is the time in the air and that there are many tropical islands that can be reached in one hour at the speed jets travel.

If you are stranded somewhere or you miss that all important flight you always have the option of chartering a private jet aircraft. A family emergency may have arisen needing you to be home right away. A private jet aircraft can get you there quickly without having to juggle commercial flights. In these instances money doesn’t matter!

You can find different types of jets each with their own layout and luxuries. You can do some research online to see what each has to offer and also to find out the speeds they travel at so you can calculate your flight costs. If and when you have a little bit of surplus money and the expenses of a luxury vacation don’t create a burden or inconvenience then the cost of a private jet should not be a problem, and it’s time to book that private jet aircraft and truly have the vacation of a lifetime. Experience the power of money first hand. Start by enjoying a private jet aircraft!

What do you look out for?

To ensure that you spend your money wisely when you charter a private jet, you first need to weigh the cost of buying plane tickets for everybody in your company or in your family. If you have many individuals that you have to buy for, then it can get expensive if you need an urgent flight booking. You also have to know how many times you can get your jet to stop on the way to the final destination. You could be dropping off employees across the country with one flight.

Second, you need to determine what type of jet you need. There are many different sized private jets that you can choose from and they all have a different price range. This is why you need to figure out how many people will be flying and how much room you really need. This will give you an idea of what you need for size and that will give you a better idea of cost.

Of course you may have heard or read about the supposedly sky high prices and ridiculous costs of buying a private jet. This may be due partly due to the fact that for most people, the prices of private jet costs are simply in a range in which they are not accustomed to thinking about.

Is it really worth it?

For example, how could you or anybody you know begin to fathom what a private jet costs if the comfort zone while considering prices is in the low thousands of dollars? Which is what one may have purchased a car for? A private jet costs much, much more than a car but at the same time, how do you put a price on something like a private jet which in a sense really is priceless to most executive CEO business types?

Private jet costs begin under a million and climb into the hundreds of millions of dollars. But don't let that fool you! You or your company can buy a private jet at a fraction of the purchase price of a whole brand new Boeing or Bombardier private jet with the help of what is known as the fractional jet ownership or private jet charter program.

Every person desires to earn a high income and mostly we work very hard to achieve this. The one thing many of us sometimes forget is that money is not the only important issue in life. We need to balance that with our physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately many people look back on their lives and realize that they were too busy providing for their old age or that rainy day that never came and they forgot to enjoy their lives. They never took time out to indulge in that dream holiday or jetted off to that romantic destination before it was too late.