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Author: Neal Rodriguez

Nikolas on the private jet 5-27-2004

Is there more a valuable asset than your time? With check-in, security hold-ups, delayed take-off and taxiing times, and baggage claims, a 4 hour commercial flight could take 75 minutes on a private jet. Drive right on the tarmac and get out of the Maybach 57 S a few steps away from the Learjet's cabin door. While a Boeing 747 is taxied to its runway in a single file behind a dozen other aircraft, you'll already be 50,000 ft in the sky on a conference call planning the day's order of business.

How centered and ready for business will you be worrying about luggage that left on a previous flight which was too booked for you to board? Focus on resolving your company's obstacles by brainstorming with a colleague in your chartered jet's cabin lounge flying to a regional meeting.

Instead of flying into JFK, in Queens, New York, and having to work your way out of the bumper to bumper Van Wyck traffic to get to the city, touchdown at Teterboro, New Jersey, and be driven into Manhattan for your 10 AM meeting on time. In the U.S., you've got over 5,000 airports from which to land or take off on a private jet; you could visit two, or more destinations on the same day on a private jet instead of flying commercially to one destination, routed through 500 congested commercial airports, 30 of which - the day-loser hubs - work 75% of all commercial flights.

Your aviation specialist will help you choose a plane that has the range to take you where you want to go nonstop. Even if you have to refuel at a commercial airport, private jet passengers are reserved a General Aviation (GA) lounge where you could see how your stock portfolio is doing online, while sipping a complimentary latte and chewing on a freshly baked croissant. Players do not hustle to make connecting flights or layovers.

The private jet flies on your schedule. You say you got stuck in traffic making it to the fixed based operator - private jet airport? Your plane will wait until you are good and ready to board. Private jet travelers don't have to wait hours or sleep in an airport terminal to await the next flight.

Flying to your villa in Turks and Caicos you could be in your aircraft's lounge, running LT for a touchdown, while playing Madden '07 on the cabin's 60" flat screen. Otherwise, take a siesta on your Boeing Business Jet's queen size bed, take a shower, and arrive refreshed and ready for a night of cocktails under the jet black island skies.

Stop fooling your stomach with stale pretzels you get served on a commercial flight. Have a five-course meal catered on your Bombardier Global 5000 corporate jet. Your aviation specialist can have your charter flight catered in accordance with any special cravings or dietary needs.

Private jet charter flights are also more secure since the only other passengers on your flight are friends, associates, and colleagues with whom you wish to travel. There's no need for an air marshal to monitor any strangers that can make your flight unpleasant.

In terms of safety, pilots and aircraft employed by private jet charter are certified and rated by the FAA. Private aircraft must meet safety standards set by Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Parts 135 or 91.

Want to get started? You don't have to own a private jet to fly like you do. Private jet charter open-fleet brokers have access to thousands of jets, helicopters, cargo airplanes, and turboprops that can transport you and/or your cargo in the exclusive comfort, security, and speed private jet travel affords.

Private jet charters eliminate the need to have the millions required to buy a jet. You pay for your charter flights on a per-trip basis. If you don't fly frequently, or you don't have to always fly privately, there’s no need to have a plane rusting in a hanger being charged rent. Flying by private jet charter eliminates the full cost of maintenance, certification, and FAA user fees associated with owning a private jet.

Fractional programs that require you to buy a piece of a jet won’t let you fly 10 people if you own a fractional share of a Learjet 45 that holds six people. Private jet charter brokers have access to the heavy jet that'll fly those 10 passengers to and from any place you demand. Further, fractional programs will use a broker to charter a jet if your jet is unavailable because another owner is using it. There are no five-year fractional purchase rigid commitments to one jet when flying by private jet charter.

About the Author:

Neal Rodriguez coordinates interactive marketing strategy for Imperial Jets, a private jet charter open-fleet brokerage based out of New York City, with offices in Dubai and Miami. Arrange your charter flight with Imperial Jets, on a light, mid, super-mid, or heavy size private jet.