How To Own A Private Jet

Ultimate convenience.
Exemplary service.
Attention to minute detail.

You just don't get those sorts of features when traveling on a commercial flight. And whether you own one now, charter one, or are thinking about either option for yourself or your business, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to owning a private jet.


First consider the type of flying you typically do as well as the type of aircraft best suited to those distances and loads. Are you mostly doing short trips within your state or do your trips take you across the state or across the country? This could have a huge impact when trying to find the right aircraft for your needs.

Once you're ready to buy your private jet you can contact private jet brokers, the manufacturers themselves or fractional ownership companies depending on which options is appropriate for your needs. These days you can even shop online for your private jet.

After you get in touch with one of these experts, you can sort out the finer details, estimate the purchase price and any additional costs you might incur, and help you get started with the paperwork. This might be a more drawn out process depending on the type of ownership you're seeking so it's good to leverage the expertise of professionals already familiar with the aviation business.

Wile making a decision to buy a private jet take your time and consider what your actual needs are in a private jet as well as the hidden costs that might be associated with owning one. That way, you can ensure you get the best aircraft for your money without getting in over your head or ending up with "too much aircraft" for your flying needs.

Fractional Jet Ownership

If high private jet costs are a deterring factor in your purchase decision, you can consider fractional jet ownership, and it could alleviate your problems. This simply means that you would be purchasing an interest in an aircraft that would also be owned or leased by other individuals. Each of the individuals involved purchase or lease the rights to use the jet for a specific amount of hours per year, depending on the negotiated deal.

Once a deal is settled, the buyer is then authorized to use the aircraft and the crew. However, each deal differs from one another, depending on the people using the aircraft, the value of time, and the amount saved in hotels and airline tickets.

Aircraft experts use certain guidelines for buyers to consider. For travelers who fly more than 400 hours a year, operating your own craft is suitable. But for those who fly from 101 hours to 399 hours a year, the fractional jet leasing option can be just right. Before buying or leasing shares of luxury private jets, it is very important to understand the advantages and benefits of doing so.

Fractional jet ownership has several benefits, the most popular of which are the cost and the convenience. Studies have shown that business jets are generally a lot more cost effective compared to commercial flights. The studies showed that using a business aircraft saves about four hours of travel time or eight hours of productive time every trip. Additionally, a business aircraft helps to save on hotel bills, as well as overnight time away from home.

Fractional jet ownership in an aircraft can be a practical way of traveling, whether you are a frequent business flyer or if you are constantly jet setting around the globe. The cost of traveling on a commercial airline can add up throughout the year and the cost of being the sole owner of a jet aircraft can also be extremely expensive. If you are looking to own a jet for either personal or business purposes, then choosing jet travel through partial ownership may just be the most economical and beneficial answer.