Private Jets Are Not Only For Celebrities - Experience Travelling in the Lap of Luxury for Yourself!

Dana Carvey: "Private Jet" (HBO)

What do you envision when you think of private jets?

No doubt you will think of rock stars and high-rolling business men, eating caviar and sipping expensive French champagne.

This is certainly part of what goes on in the world of private air travel! However, there is more to the industry than just that.

Did you know that you can access a private jet for a fee that is not only in the reach of billionaires?

The easiest way to get a private jet is to rent a charter jet.

The rented private jets are available to accommodate up to 18 passengers and offer various in-flight services.

These charter private jets can be arranged through a broker - a middleman, who negotiates with the companies that own the jets and crews and checks their service and reliability.

By chartering a jet, you get advantages that you could not get by flying commercial aircraft.

Major airlines are often desperately cutting costs, especially with the rising cost of fuel. With the present conditions of the airlines, it is difficult to get a decent meal on an aeroplane! Sure, there is first class service, but even that can be difficult sometimes. In general commercial flights are packed, uncomfortable, noisy… a bad experience all round.

With a private jet, you have the entire aircraft for yourself - and that means privacy. You can have excellent meals, which you are free to enjoy without the hassle of screaming babies or other passengers climbing over you to get out of their seat. You can talk on the phone, talk to your fellow passengers or just catch up on your sleep. You can choose which movies to show or not show, which meals to serve, and have a bar for drinks available.
Whatever you choose to do, you can do it in the privacy that you would never experience on a commercial flight.

The check procedure can be a good deal easier than with a commercial plane. Since your company knows everyone on the flight, there are no necessary additional security precautions. Also, your check in can be done from the plane – no more lining up endlessly to check your bags!

These days with regular airlines often requiring passengers to transfer planes and make stop-overs, chartering a private plane can really be a godsend. You can fly to and from smaller airports that commercial airlines may simply not service anymore.

There are many different possibilities to renting a private jet. One of them is fractional private jet ownership, a program that is run by a Berkshire Hathaway Company, NetJets. Other jet charter companies offer everything from small jets, to the possibility of chartering Boeing 747 jets; from Lear Jets, to executive helicopters – all are available to be chartered.

Most companies in the air charter business are actually brokers. They rent or borrow jets from major airlines, or other companies that have private jets and crews available.

Private jet brokers try to make things as easy on their corporate clients as possible. This includes coordinating their ground transportation to the private jets as well. As all travelers have experienced, getting to and back from an airport can be almost as much as an adventure as flying on a private jet.

Private Jets, Clubs And Membership

If you've ever used private jets or charter planes for your air travel, you may be interested in some way to travel by private or charter jet more often. For many people, money may be at the top of the list of reasons that private jets aren't on your itinerary for every trip. A less expensive way to travel on private jets or charter planes it to join a club that offers this mode of travel at greatly reduced rates.

The club idea is one utilized by many organizations, companies and entities. Basically, those who expect to use a particular service or purchase a particular product often over a period of time pay a membership fee. Certain privileges are then bestowed on the club member in exchange for keeping the membership dues current. In this case, those who join are given access to flights on private jets or charter planes without paying the full price.

There are some potential downsides. Among them is that you're relying on the fact that there'll be a participating company in the area where you plan to travel. There may be times that you don't have access to the private jets or charter planes because there are no companies in the region or none that serve the area you're traveling to. Depending on the details of your membership, you may also be limited to specific flying times.

On the other hand, some clubs promise that you and your traveling party can fly anywhere, anytime. Some guarantee availability of private jets with as little as a few hours' notice.

Another important point to consider before you pay your membership dues is the type of aircraft you'll have access to and the companies that will honor your membership.

For example, you may find that you'll be dealing with one company from some locations but another company from other regions. If that's the case, you have no way of knowing the details of each company's safety record. The entity that administers the membership should be able to provide a list of companies you'll potentially be flying with, along with their safety information and other data about the company.

Private jets or charter planes through a membership situation can possibly offer the savings you need to permit this mode of frequent flying. If you do your own research ahead of time and be certain of the details of membership, this could be just the deal you've been searching for.

Travelling on a private jet may seem like a dream – but with a little research and a bit of disposable income, that dream can become a reality!