Take A Flight Of Fancy With Celebrity Private Jets

Author: Rohit Chopra

Elvis Presley's smaller private jet 6/22/08

Flying first class does not have the prestige and glamour that it once held. In fact, having to walk through a metal detector and being thoroughly checked over by airport security is probably the most unglamorous thing ever. Ditto having to empty out your hand luggage for examination and then having to leave behind those cool pair of earrings or those gorgeous cufflinks because they pose a security threat of some kind. If you have ever wished that you could be one of the lucky ones to own celebrity private jets, there is no time like the present to get on board.

Five Star Treatment

What would jets on par with celebrity private jets be if they did not come with all the bells and whistles? The whole point of travelling by private jet like a celebrity is to experience that feeling of total luxury and pampering that lifts you out of the daily humdrum. Celebrity private jets would not be complete without a gourmet food, in fact you can have the food catered to your needs. No carbs, low fat, high protein; your needs can be accommodated.

The luxury does not end at your destination either. There is the limousine service to your hotel, after all who wants to get into a cab after stepping out of a private jet? There is also the availability of a concierge to help you plan your vacation. Everything from your accommodation, trip itinerary and the hottest places to be and be seen at can be planned ahead for you. Leaving enjoyment as the only thing on your to do list.

Safety First

Another big consideration that makes taking private celebrity jets so attractive is the safety factor. The reason that air travel is no longer safe is the threat of a terrorist attack. Something that you dont have to worry about with celebrity private jets; everyone on board is someone you know. Your jet is also in top working order with qualified, competent and experienced pilots.

Easy Upkeep

Having never owned any type of aircraft it might be intimidating to even think about owning a jet. But the upkeep of your celebrity style private jet is a surprisingly easy affair. The bother and business of keeping your aircraft in top condition can easily be assigned so that owning a jet stays convenient. The condition of your jet will also be maintained so that if ever you decide to sell your jet you will be able to get a good price. It is even possible that you may be able to make a profit on your plane as private air travel becomes more popular.

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