Private Jet Hire For The Rich And Famous

Until recently being able to fly first class was considered glamorous for celebrities. However, flying first class is no longer as big deal as it used to be in recent years. First class passengers still have to walk through the metal detector and are still subjected to checks by immigration much like everyone else. Sometimes, you may even need to leave behind your expensive accessories like earrings or cuff links just because they may pose a security threat. This can be quite frustrating. Until now. Not if you own a celebrity private jet.

Celebrity Private Jet

If you are among the rich and famous who can afford a celebrity private jet, you can expect pampering and luxury every step of the way. Right from the point you leave your house to the airport, the celebrity treatment has already started. You get the star treatment of being ferried to and fro the airport in your very own limousine. In fact, every tiny little bit of detail will be planned and arranged for you by your own concierge. You can even request special gourmet food to be served to you, perhaps low fat or high protein. If you are going on a vacation the concierge will arrange every detail from logistics, transportation, accommodation, trip itinerary and more.. So all you do is sit back and enjoy your entire trip.

The luxury does not end at your destination either. There is the limousine service to your hotel, after all who wants to get into a cab after stepping out of a private jet? There is also the availability of a concierge to help you plan your vacation. Everything from your accommodation, trip itinerary and the hottest places to be and be seen at can be planned ahead for you. Leaving enjoyment as the only thing on your to do list.

Trips to Dubai, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris, Asia, Greece, Italy and the rest of Europe are the most in demand. Most people who fly private also take advantage of the concierge services available to them. Imagine cruising the South Beach, Miami strip in your very own Lamborghini. The perks go way beyond private jets, limousines and exotic car rentals. Expect to have that back stage pass at the sold out concert. You and your group can experience all that Hollywood, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Dubai, Japan, Australia and Europe to offer. That means full VIP access to the hottest night clubs, boxing, football game, soccer game, or any other event you can think of. Get to feel how it is to be treated like a "celebrity" and receive all the advantages that come along with elite status.

Safety Issues For Celebrtities

Another privilege the rich and famous enjoy with their private jets is safety. With increasing terrorist activity, it is no wonder that air travel is no longer safe. However if you are traveling by celebrity private jet, such a risk is greatly minimised as everyone on board is someone you know. Furthermore your jet is also in top working order with qualified, competent and experienced pilots at its helm.

You might think that it is probably very tough to own and to maintain a jet. However upkeep of your celebrity private jet is pretty easy and straightforward. The best way to go about this is to contact a professional company to help you take care of the maintenance. This frees you of the hassle of having to personally take care of the jet. The best part is your jet is still well taken care of without any worries.

Celebrity private jet is without a doubt the coolest way to travel. It is the ultimate pampering in the sky and the most stress free way to fly. So thinking of a vacation that you will never forget? This is it!