A Stitch in Time Can Save You Nine When it Comes to Private Jet Charter

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Private jet charter may be the ultimate solution accommodating your busy touring schedules. But you have to exercise proper care and caution in concluding a deal with your selected provider. Apart from the routine inquiries about the background of the operator and the jet that you have chartered, you should also look out for a few other factors. For example, you should know exactly how old the aircraft is and how many times it has undergone overhauling and servicing. Similarly, you may be interested in the flight history of the aircraft. And above all there are the financial considerations for you.

Paying for the charter –

Keeping pace with the modern marketing trends, most of the providers of jet charters accept payments made through credit cards like the Visa, Master, American Express and such other internationally recognized credit cards. Some of them also accept electronic fund transfer through banks and company cheque. In case of cheque the deal concludes only with your cheque cashed and not before that.

Like other markets the jet charter market is highly competitive. It will not be surprising for you to get multiple quotes, each from different provider, offering you their services for providing jet charter or lease. If you have chosen one of the providers after your homework and if you find that some other quote offers better terms and conditions, you can negotiate with your selected provider and give them a copy of such quotes. If the quote is from another reputed dealer, they will normally be accepted and your dealer will modify his terms and conditions accordingly.

Insurances and safety for jet charters –

Insurance to day is mandatory under the existing law of the land in all states as well as the federal laws in USA. Every jet and aircraft to be chartered has to be insured adequately to the satisfaction of the authorities. The liability insurance ranges from $50 million to $100 million in general. You will do well to obtain copies of the insurance certificate from the dealer prior to any flight.

Despite all the insurances and precautions, many travelers are concerned about the safety of the private jet charters. You need not have any apprehension on this count. The airplanes are highly safer compared to other modes of transportation. Most of the aircrafts used for private jet charter are very well maintained and equipped machines. They also constantly update the equipments for safety of all concerned and in addition there are the routine and scheduled maintenance of the aircrafts.

A stitch in time can save nine –

Whether you decide to engage private jet charter or any other aircraft for carrying passenger or cargo you are required to exercise extreme care and caution in making the contract and executing the deal. You must carefully go through the terms and conditions so that at the end of it you are not in for any unpleasant surprises with hidden executive costs making your deal far more expensive than it originally was. Using jet charters is the modern accepted practice but if you do not trade cautiously, you may end up in a ditch.

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